原意只是拍一般的家庭照,後來我們得出了另一個構想— 不如為爸媽拍一輯婚紗照吧!



再為Renee 和Henry拍婚紗照的時候,我感覺他們的愛情就是上一代的延續。–馬丁

Renee said before her wedding she wanted to have a set of photos with her parents.
At first she just wanted to take a set of normal family photos, but then we had another idea — why not take some wedding photos for her parents?

Most people who got married in Beijing in the 70’s didn’t get to take wedding photos in wedding dresses, so it would be a real experience.

Renee picked a white dress for her mother, and the two “brides” took photos together.
This is the first time I took romantic photos of older people.

Renee’s parents did not have a passionate love affair; theirs was the kind that weathered the test of time to develop into an indescribable rapport. When I took Renee and Henry’s wedding photos later, I felt that their story was a continuation of the previous generation’s. – Martin

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